Cork production is über-important for Portuguese economy. And Portuguese share is 50% of total annual world production, or 61.3%, according to slightly confusing references from Wikipedia. Even though most of the harvested cork goes into wine bottle stoppers, many other products can come out of it, and that’s what this post is about.



Just throwing everything randomly in the mix, from a postal stamp to designer furniture … and the Portuguese pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO 2010!


  d0d0eeb13281e5f65e93a1b309f458e1 ac3d1c60b97520150e2ddb4356096509  7414a068c430f7bbdb8f1739db6a7aa9

0768a1ab750b7e3b6b2ba9b027fac663 1cac20f2d49dbe3de0c65d2a01e25ae5



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