Becas & the intangible heritage of Porto

António Guimarães, alias Becas, has been present in Porto’s nightlife for decades and marked it significantly. A 100% night bird, he somehow made it to the Porto Creative Mornings last Friday, to tell us about the history and present of nightlife&creativity in this city. And so I discovered that Aniki Bóbó does not only stand for a film, nor Passos Manuel is merely a street: one used to be an iconic bar (existed since 1985 but closed in 2005, though), and the other, cinema for authors’ films and a stage for many other cultural events, still exists and is back to life since 2004 thanks exactly to Senhor Becas.


This cultural space is situated in the Coliseu of Porto, recuperated by the architect Pedro Gadanha. Its particular atmosphere attracts famous musicians (the opening concert was of Anthony and the Johnsons), but also brings out new talents.

And Becas, he’s an electrotechnics professor who somehow went off the beaten path, became an organizer of all kinds of cool events and even a DJ himself!

The only trouble with him is that he wouldn’t put his memories on paper (nor record them in some other way). And that means some precious memories of Porto as it once was might be lost forever.



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