Porto in the Geotaggers’ World Atlas

Eric Fischer geotaggers map of Porto

This map of Porto is one of a hundred city maps created by Eric Fischer, an American software developer and data artist. I have found it in his 2010 Flickr collection named “The Geotaggers’ World Atlas”. In that project, he used geographical metadata associated to the photos. The data from Flickr and Picasa helped him reveal the locations where people most frequently took photos in various cities around the world.

So, this is tourism in Porto visualized! Besides the historical center inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, tourists flow most intensely along both shores of Douro and the Atlantic coast within the city limits, all the way to Matosinhos. The remaining three bright nodes outside the historical city center are the Crystal Palace gardens, Casa da Música and the Serralves museum. Everything we already knew, now confirmed and represented in this elegant plot!

I enclose a map of another Portuguese city – Lisbon, of course, but the interpretation will be postponed until my next visit to the country’s capital.

Eric Fischer geotaggers map of Lisbon

I found some other Fischer’s projects and hobbies also interesting to look at (“See something or say something”, “Locals and tourists”, his old map collection on Flickr…). And I wouldn’t know about him without the Álvaro Domingues’ lecture on the city and its icons I attended in Porto on December 18th, 2014.


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