Odakle sam bila više nisam


The Lisbon stories written by an architect, translator and writer Dejan Tiago Stanković. I first heard of him from a friend who has been following his blog on the B92 site. Then I discovered this book (his first), about the past and the present of Lisbon and its people, including the writer himself and his family. The publisher’s description contains an information that some of the stories were initially written in Portuguese! Let’s hope someday that version will be available too, wouldn’t it be interesting for the Portuguese to know some external views of themselves?

DTS has been living in Lisbon for two decades. As far as I know, he was always more into literature than architecture. Still, the architectural background must have sharpened his views to buildings and cityscapes. He has translated Saramago’s works into Serbian and Ivo Andrić’s works into Portuguese.