Portugal, zelena zemlja (Portugal, the green country).

The contemporary links between the Balkans and Portugal in literature have a history starting with Ivo Andrić’s travelogue about Portugal, from the third decade of the 20th century. Andrić (1892-1975) was a Serbian and Yugoslav writer, academic and Nobel prize winner (1961). He was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1928, he was in diplomatic service at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Madrid.


As a diplomat, Andrić has lived in a number of European capitals and often wrote down impressions on the countries and people. He carefully prepared for the trips, getting to know about their history and traditions from the bibliographical sources, which were also bases of his writings.

His travelogue Portugal, zelena zemlja  (Portugal, the green country) was published in 1931.

There is a translation of a few fragments of this travelogue into Portuguese available at Scribd: